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Atomic Energy Authority

The Atomic Energy Authority (AEA) of Sri Lanka is a Statutory Body functioning under the Ministry of Technology, Research and Atomic Energy and was established by the Atomic Energy Authority Act No.19 of 1969.

Radiation and Radioisotope Technology which has a wide range of applications in many areas can make a significant contribution to the development of medical, agricultural, industrial, energy and environmental sectors in Sri Lanka. The Atomic Energy Authority (AEA) has the responsibility of facilitating the utilization of this technology in the above-mentioned sectors and ensuring that all uses of radiation and radioisotopes are carried out according to the internationally accepted safety standards.

We are the Atomic Energy Authority of Sri Lanka, the apex body …

  • On promotion of peaceful applications of nuclear technology contributing to socio-economic and environmental development in Sri Lanka.

  • Responsible for implementing regulatory programmes conforming to international standards on radiation safety and security to ensure protection of Sri Lankan community from unwarranted exposure to ionizing radiation.
  • Contributing to socio-economic and environmental development in Sri Lanka.

Workshop on ‘Preparedness for Radiological and Nuclear Emergency Response’

Atomic Energy Authority (AEA) is responsible for management of radiological and nuclear emergencies that could affect Sri Lanka. As the responsible agency advising Disaster Management Center on protective actions, AEA should have technical skills and resources for accurate radiological assessment and response.
Since the scientific staff of AEA is inadequate for work in a catastrophic situation (for example deployment of monitoring teams to the affected areas in the country from Colombo at the same time is impracticable), AEA wishes to obtain assistance from eligible persons from university scientific staff (academic and non-academic), school science teachers, students and professionals who are living in the different areas of the country and wish to work voluntarily to the AEA in an emergency situation.


Introductory workshop on NDT for Asian Aviation Centre

Work shop on ‘Introduction to NDT’ for students of Asian Aviation Centre will be held from 23rd -25th July 2014. 28 students will participate in this workshop.

One of the main objectives of NCNDT training unit is to organizing of these types of short term workshops for students of Vocational Training Centres, Job seekers and undergraduate students to introduce and to enhance their knowledge in NDT techniques.


Presentation workshop on “Welder Qualification Test according to the ASME IX”

One day presentation workshop on “Welder Qualification Test according to the ASME IX” was held on 25th June 2014 at the AEA. This activity was organized by the National Centre for Non Destructive Testing (NCNDT) of AEA. Welcome speech was delivered by Mr. M.A.K Jayatilake, SSO of the NCNDT and the main presentation was conducted by Mr. Sisira Chandrasoma, welding engineer from Arab Shipbuilding and repair yard (ASRY).


The IAEA Assistance to Establish a National Centre for Nuclear Agriculture 15-18 July, 2014

Dr. Fatma Sarsu, Technical Officer, IAEA is expected to be in Sri Lanka from 15th-18th July 2014 to assist the local counterparts in planning the activities related to establishment of National Center for Nuclear Agriculture. This mission has been arranged under the activities of IAEA Technical Cooperation project SRL 5045- “Establishing a National Centre for Nuclear Agriculture”. This project is implemented by the Atomic Energy Authority (AEA) in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture (DOA).


Training course on ‘Disaster Management’ for Police Officers

Police officers, as the first responders for all hazards must understand the disaster management system in Sri Lanka, and their roles and responsibilities in any emergency situation.
A one week Training course on Disaster Management for all hazards was conducted by the Department of Police from 23rd - 27th June 2014 at  Mirihana, Maradana and Kandy Police divisions. The Atomic Energy Authority (AEA) was conducted a lecture on “Radiological and Nuclear Emergency Management" for the above centers on last 25th and 26th.


Project Review meeting of RAS/1014 – Supporting Radiation Processing for Development of Advanced Grafted Materials for Industrial Application and Environmental preservation- Colombo from 23rd -27th June 2014.

altThe introductory session and opening ceremony of the above meeting was held on 23rd June 2014 from 9.30 am -10.00 am. The inauguration of the meeting was started by singing the National anthem and the next item in the agenda was lighting the Traditional oil lamp. Welcome remarks were delivered by the Chairman, AEA, Dr. Ranjith Wijayawardana and after welcoming the IAEA staff members, all foreign participants who were from 11 member states, local participant and other invitees; Dr. Wijayawardana described how radiation grafting is widely used in environmental and industrial applications of radiation processing, of polymeric materials.


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